Segundauto-Oficina de Reparações de Automóveis

Segundauto-Oficina de Reparações de Automóveis, Campaigns


You must always pay attention to the following items

Control the discs, pads, front callipers; Rear braking control; Control leak sealing in the circuit; Flexible status control; Foot brake / hand brake control; Control the level / status of the brake fluid; Performance on the road; Control the tyres - pressure; Control of the shock absorbers; Control of wheel and suspension joints; Visual control of the geometry; Control of front and back bearings; Control of the transmission and bellows; Control battery status; Control charge of the alternator; Control the performance of the starter engine; Control of the alternator belt.
Exhaust pipes: Diagnosis of the catalyst and oxygen sensor Control and adjustment of headlights; Replacement of the lamps in the headlights (if necessary); Control of optics, headlights and fasteners; Control of the exterior review mirrors; Cleaning of the windscreens, optics and headlights.

We repair everything!

We execute all kinds of repairs and replacement of your car's parts (suspension, wheel, engine, gearbox, differentials, among others). We are a company specialised in all kinds of interventions in diesel and gas engines.