Segundauto-Oficina de Reparações de Automóveis

A new concept for Bosch workshops! We perform all types of repairs to your car!



We are a company with over 48 years' experience, in Loulé, focused on the repair and sale of vehicles, as well as on the on the sale of multi-brand car parts and accessories, and specialised in vehicle mechanics.

The evolution of SEGUNDAUTO over the last years was very positive, and it has allowed value creation and also the increase in the number of services provided.
Nowadays we are able to compete with any other company in the business. We established partnerships with trusted companies, which ensures the quality and reliability of supplies.

An example of that is Toyota, which is our main supplier of car parts and accessories. As we are a company that offers many services, we focus on training our employees, which leads to greater customer satisfaction.

Campaigns Low Cost!


Batteries, Break pads, Oil Filters...


Mission in the Algarve Market

Our main concern is customer satisfaction. In order to achieve that satisfaction, SEGUNDAUTO has always provided its customers with professionalism and perfection. Having the customer as the main focus, SEGUNDAUTO uses the best techniques and instruments (recommended by the brands), thereby ensuring the best service and at competitive prices.